Clinical Research Needs People Like You!

Our team has been active in both internal and external funded research programs since 1995 with the mission of providing a basis of understanding and treating medical illnesses. Several of our principal investigators came to Borland Groover after having vibrant academic careers in basic and clinical research. Many of our investigators are also lead authors of cutting-edge manuscripts in scientific journals.

We have a long history with many leading pharmacology, private research and development centers worldwide. We are actively involved in pharmacologic outcome clinical trials especially with new agents in Phase I through Phase III. Currently, we are able to offer patients access to new drugs in clinical trials years before they become commercially available.

Picture of Dr. Kyle Etzkorn
Encore Borland Groover Clinical Research

Dr. Kyle Etzkorn

Picture of Dr. Michael Koren
Encore Borland Groover Clinical Research

Dr. Michael Koren