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Matthew Braddock, D.O.

Westside Center for Clinical Research
810 Lane Avenue South Jacksonville FL 32205 Contact Research: 9046800871


My philosophy in being a physician is that through prevention and education, my patients and I can work together to achieve their health goals. I try to incorporate this philosophy in my practice and especially in managing chronic diseases. I believe that being involved in clinical research studies helps further our ability to care for a chronically ill patient by providing insights into new and innovative drugs. I am a past department chair for Internal Medicine at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. I have been involved with Westside Center for Clinical Research as a Principal Investigator as well as a sub-Investigator on trials involving diabetes, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver disease.


Contact Research

2005-2009 Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine DO
of Midwestern University
Downers Grove, IL 

1999-2003 University of North Florida-Undergraduate BS
Jacksonville, FL 


2009-2012 Residency: Serving as chief resident
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Jacksonville, FL 


Current active and unrestricted Florida License 

Board Certification Family Medicine through ABMS & AOA


06/12/2019 Medidata Rave EDC Essentials for Investigators

06/12/2019 Medidata Rave Query Management

01/14/2019 RFMH-A002a- The C-SSRS Training  

01/07/2019 Allergan DDO 3101-301-002 eCOA Training (YPrime)

04/02/2018 InForm 6.1 PI Data Entry  & Signature – Gemphire

01/21/2018 CITI Good Clinical Practice Course

11/19/2016 TransCelerate GCP Certificate 

11/18-19/2016 Clinical Research Training for Physicians sponsored by Encore Research Group 


Principal Investigator:

2020-Present Enanta EDP305-102, NASH

2019-Present Next Science CSP-011, Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Lesions

2019-Present Siemens Centaur-201902.Pro-CATCH-HF

2018-Present Acasti Pharma ACA-CAP-002, Hypertriglyceridemia

2018-2019 Enanta EDP 305-101, NASH

2017-2018 Gemphire Therapeutics GEM-401 (INDIGO-1), Hypertriglyceridemia


2020-Present GSK 212390, UTI

2019-Present Exact Sciences 2019-01, Colorectal Cancer Screening 

2019-Present Novartis CTQJ230A12001, Lp(a)

2019-Present Sanofi Pasteur MEQ00066, Elderly meningococcal vaccine

2019-Present Novo Nordisk NN9536-4576, Obesity

2019-Present Allergan 3101-309-002 Episodic Migraines, Open Label Ext. 

2019-Present Allergan 3101-301-002 Episodic Migraines 

2018-Present Novo Nordisk NN9536-4378, STEP-5 Weight Loss

2018-Present Novo Nordisk NN9536-4374, STEP-2 Weight Loss/Diabetes

2018-Present GSK 207489 (NTHI MCAT-002), COPD 

2018 Quantum Genomics QGC001-2QG3, HBP 

2018-Present Novo Nordisk NN9536-4373, STEP-1 Weight Loss

2017-2018 Sanofi Pasteur QHD00013, Elderly Flu Vaccine

2017-2018 Novo Nordisk NN8022-4272 SCALE-INSULIN), Weight loss/diabetics

2017-2018 Esperion 1002-047, Lipids

2017-Present KOWA K-877-302, Hypertriglyceridemia

2016-Present Esperion 1002-043, Statin-intolerance

2016-2017 Takeda TMX-67_301, CV Comorbidities, Hyperuricemia & Gout

2016-2018 Amarin AMR-01-01-0019, Hypertriglyceridemia

2016-2018 Novo Nordisk NN5401-4266, Type 2 Diabetes

2016-2017 Sanofi EFC13794, Type 2 Diabetes

2016-Present Novo Nordisk 2211-4232, Type 2 Diabetes

2016-2018 Novo Nordisk NN8022-4274, Obesity


2016-Present Clinical Investigator

Westside Center for Clinical Research

Jacksonville, FL

2016-Present Attending Physician

Baptist Primary Care

Jacksonville, FL

2012-2016 St. Vincent’s Primary Care, Branan Field 

Middleburg, FL 

2013-2016 Chairman of the Department of Medicine

St. Vincent’s Clay County

2013-2016 MSEC 

St. Vincent’s Clay County

2010-2012 Attending Physician ER

Charlton Memorial Hospital

Folkston, GA



Peer Reviewed Journal Articles/ Abstracts

A.M.S Mayer, Carlson, L.A., Braddock, M.T., McCulloch, P.F. Hippocampal C-Fos expression and microglia accumulation in rats exposed to the marine toxin domoic acid.. The Toxicologist 2007 Sep; 96(1): 364.

M.T. Braddock, L.A. Carlson, M.L. Hall, P.F. McCulloch and A.M.S. Mayer.. The effect of the marine toxin domoic acid on hippocampal c-FOS expression and microglia accumulation in rats.. JAOA.2007 Sep; 107(8): 347.

Poster Presentation

Matthew T. Braddock, (2007, October). The effect of the marine toxin domoic acid on hippocampal c-FOS expression and microglia accumulation in rats. Poster presented at : AOA Annual Convention and Scientific Seminar; San Diego, CA.