Photo of Sharbill Assi

Sharbill Assi

Research Assistant

Sharbill graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in biomedicine and music, and has been working at Encore Borland Groover Research this past year as a Research Assistant. During his time he has coordinated clinical trials and been involved in physician lead research. Recently he wrote and

submitted an abstract, on behalf of a Borland Groover physician’s research, to Digestive Disease Week, “Prospective Correlation of Seoul HOF Criteria GEJ Grading System with Amount of Reflux”, which was accepted for a poster presentation.…

Dayla Brice

Research Assistant

Dayla Brice has worked for Jacksonville Center for Research since April 2018 as a Research Assistant and Phlebotomist. Dayla is pursuing nursing school and stays active with her husband and two children.  Dayla enjoys spending time with family the most, reading, shopping and painting.

Photo of Hope Goldman BS, MS, CRC

Hope Goldman, BS, MS, CRC

Hope graduated with Honors from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science in 1986. She completed her Master’s Degree in Animal Science at the University of California at Davis in 1992. Hope worked for Genentech, Inc. from 1990-2009 developing animal models of cardiovascular disease (18 yrs), then as a non-clinical study monitor (2 yrs).…

Photo of Mallory Gregory

Mallory Gregory

Lab Manager

Mallory Gregory has been in Jacksonville for 5 years. she is an experienced laboratory manager and has brought this experience to clinical research for the last 3 years with ENCORE Clinical Research. She has studied Pre-Nursing and earned licenses as an emergency medical technician and phlebotomist. She  has been an invaluable part of the ENCORE Borland Groover team since March of 2019 and an essential part of clinical trial functioning, keeping the site’s regulatory documents and scheduling while managing the lab.…

Photo of LaTashia Hundley

LaTashia Hundley

Latashia is a Jacksonville, Florida native. She has been a medical assistant for 22 years doing gastroenterology research for the last 3 years at Encore Borland Groover Clinical Research. Latashia has been primary coordinator on studies with the therapeutic areas in Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, NASH, H-Pylori and Erosive Esophagitis. Latashia started her research career in dermatology research for 14 years at North Florida Dermatology Associates, P.A.…

Photo of Esthefany Jabbour

Esthefany Jabbour

Research Assistant

Esthefany Jabbour is a graduate from Albizu University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Health Psychology. Her exposure started in 2013 working in Regulatory Affairs, later gaining experience as a Clinical Research Coordinator. In 2016, Esthefany became Chief Operating Officer at a Clinical Research site in Plantation, FL and was responsible for the daily research operations, including business development and site management.…

Photo of Donna Lehosky RN

Donna Lehosky, RN

Registered Nurse

Donna Lehosky is a Registered Nurse with 13 years of Acute care experience that she brings to the clinical research team. She joined the team in 2019 and is extremely passionate about new answers, treatments and cures to incurable diseases. Having faced serious heath challenges, herself, she understands first hand, how devastating and debilitating illness can be, both, physically and emotionally.…

Photo of Twila Morrell

Twila Morrell

Research Coordinator

Twila has lived in Jacksonville since 2004 with her husband of 17 years but is a very proud Georgia native. She has a medical assisting background which has provided her with more than 15 years of experience in a healthcare setting. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Health Care Administration in June 2011 and became a Clinical Research Coordinator in 2012.…