Photo of Bharat K Misra M.D.

Bharat K Misra, M.D.

Gastroenterologist and Research Director Encore Borland Groover Clinical Research
4800 Belfort Road Jacksonville FL 32256 Contact Research: 9046800871


Dr. Misra was the class valedictorian in his high school and in college got the highest marks in chemistry and biology. He obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad, India. He graduated first class in all 13 subjects. Inspired by his elder brother, he came to the US and completed his internship, residency in internal medicine and fellowship in gastroenterology at the Nassau University Medical Center, State University of New York at StonyBrook. He was chief resident for a year and was voted “Fellow of the Year” on graduation. After two years practicing in upstate New York, Dr. Misra joined Borland Groover in 1997.

Dr. Misra enjoys the consultative aspects of gastroenterology and hepatology. His practice includes the full spectrum of endoscopy both inpatient and outpatient, diagnostic and therapeutic. He is interested in new and cutting-edge treatments like fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) for c. difficile colitis. Dr. Misra is actively involved with the Encore Borland Groover Research Center and has been the principal investigator and sub investigator in multiple clinical trials.

Dr. Misra also specializes in the treatment of obesity, complications of bariatric surgery and performs many endoscopic bariatric procedures. He has been an active member of the medical staff at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville. Dr. Misra has served on several committees and was the Chief of Gastroenterology and Director of the Endoscopy Lab. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors at Memorial Hospital.

Learn more about the data presented at Digestive Disease Week 2018 by Dr. Misra on a Microbiome therapy that induces remission in mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis.

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Erosive esophagitis

Ulcerative Colitis
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Postgraduate Education
1987 – 1988
Rotating Internship
Gandhi Hospital and affiliated hospitals1989
Resident Physician, Internal Medicine
Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences1990 – 1992
Residency, Internal Medicine
Nassau County Medical Center, State University of New York at Stony Brook1992 – 1993
Chief Residency, Department of Medicine
Nassau County Medical Center, State University of New York at Stony Brook1993 – 1995
Fellowship, Gastroenterology
Nassau County Medical Center, State University of New York at Stony BrookRESEARCH TRAINING:
03/01/2018 CITI Good Clinical Practice Course [exp. 2/2021]
05/10/2017 TransCelerate ICH GCP
03/25/2016 iMedidata Rave EDC Training
04/27/2015 TransCelerate ICH GCP
Principal Investigator:
2020-Present Phathom HP-301, H. Pylori
2020-Present Phathom EE-301, Erosive Esophagitis
2019-Present Gilead GS-US-365-4237 FALCON, Ulcerative Colitis
2018-Present SERES-201, Ulcerative Colitis
2017-Present Finch/Crestovo CDI-001, C-Difficile
2017-Present SERES 012, Recurrent C-Difficile
2017-Present SERES 013, Recurrent C-Difficile
2016 Synergy SP304203-05, IBS-C
2016 SERES-004 “ECOSPOR”, Recurrent C-Difficile
2016 SERES-005, Recurrent C-Difficile
2016 SERES-101, Ulcerative Colitis
2014 P-Monofer-IDA-01, Iron Deficiency Anemia
2014 Vibrant 179CLD, Constipation
2014 Rebiotix 2014-01, C-DifficileSub-Investigator:
2020-Present Neurogastrx NG101-201, Gastroparesis
2020-Present Lucid EG-CL-102, Adenocarcinoma
2020-Present Lucid EG-CL-101, Barrett’s Esophagus
2020-Present Enanta EDP305-102, NASH
2020-Present Allakos AK002-014, Eosinophilic Esophagitis
2020-Present Allakos AK002-016, Eosinophilic Gastritis and/or Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis
2020-Present Allakos AK002-019, Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases
2020-Present AbbVie M14-234, Ulcerative Colitis
2020-Present AbbVie M14-533, Ulcerative Colitis
2020-Present AbbVie M14-675, Ulcerative Colitis
2020-Present AbbVie M14-430, Crohn’s Disease
2020-Present AbbVie M14-431, Crohn’s Disease
2020-Present AbbVie M14-433, Crohn’s Disease
2019-Present Braintree BLI4900-302, Colon Prep
2019-Present Adare SP-1011-003, Eosinophilic Esophagitis
2019 Pfizer C1061011, NAFLD
2018 Intercept Pharmaceuticals, 747-304 NASH
2017 Medtronic COVSBCC0549 “BLINK”
2017 Pfizer C1171002, NASH
2007 Abbott MO6-808, Crohn’s Disease
2007 Salix RFIB2001, IBS-D
2005 Alizyme ALTL1251/038/CL, IBS-C
2005 Alizyme ALTL1251/052/CL, IBS-C
2005 Alizyme ALTL1251/038/CL, IBS-C
2005 Alizyme ALTL1251/038/CL, IBS-C
2005 Alizyme ALTL1251/052/CL, IBS-C
2005 Salix RFIB2001, IBS-D

Author of Chapter on Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Manual of Critical Care Medicine, a multi author textbook published by the American College of Physicians (ACP)The role of a primary care physician in the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Peer reviewed article published in “Northeast Florida Medicine”, 2016.


Bharat K. Misra, M.D. Budd-Chiari syndrome secondary to inferior venacava thrombosis in the setting of HIV Disease and Protein C deficiency: Winning poster at the ACP meeting in NYC.

H. Yasrebi, B.K. Misra.Endoscopic treatment of Symptomatic Intraluminal migrated Marlex mesh in banded Roux-n-Y Gastric Bypass. Poster presentation at the American Society for Metabolic and Bariartric Surgery (ASMBS) meeting in Washington D.C.
June 15-20 2009.

Evaluation of health related quality of life in patients treated with RBX2660 (microbiota suspension) for recurrent C. difficile infection.
Bharat K. Misra, M.D., Mayur S. Ramesh, MD, Mary Kay Sobcinski, RN, MHA.
Borland Groover, Jacksonville FL; Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI; Rebiotix Inc, Roseville MN.
Abstract presented at the ACG meeting in Philadelphia, PA in Oct 2014

RBX2660 (microbiota suspension) for recurrent C difficile infection: 60 day interim analysis of the PUNCH CD phase 2 safety study
Mayur S Ramesh, MD, Bharat Misra, MD, Arnab Ray, MD, Robert Smith, MD, Mary Kay Sobcinski, RN,MHA
Henry Ford Hospital System, Detroit, MI; Borland Groover, Jacksonville FL; Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans, LA; Rebiotix Inc, Roseville MN.
Abstract presented at the ACG meeting in Philadelphia, PA in Oct 2014

Results from SERES-101: A multiple dose phase 1b study to evaluate the efficacy, safety and microbiome dynamics of Seres-287 in subjects with mild-to-moderate Ulcerative Colitis(UC).

Abstract and Oral presentation at Digestive Diseases Week in Washington D.C. on June 2nd 2018