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Mark Fleisher, M.D.

Gastroenterologist Encore Borland Groover Clinical Research
Clinical Research Location 4800 Belfort Road Jacksonville FL 32256 Contact Research: 9046800871


Dr. Fleisher came to Borland Groover in 1998. Dr. Fleisher completed his medical training at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Dr. Fleisher has published and presented at national meetings on new treatments in the management of inflammatory bowel disease. He is presently studying new treatment agents in the management of inflammatory bowel disease and is an active speaker nationally in IBD. In addition, he started the first annual meeting for patients in the Jacksonville area suffering with IBD. Dr. Fleisher is the director of Borland Groover’s Infusion Center.

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Postgraduate Education
1994 – 1996
Gastroenterology Fellowship
Lenox Hill Hospital
1990 – 1994
Residency, Internal Medicine
Lenox Hill Hospital
11/26/2018 Medidata Classic Rave EDC Essentials for Investigators1/9/2018 CITI Good Clinical Practice Course4/27/2016 TransCelerate ICH GCP4/25/2014 TransCelerate ICH GCP1/22/2013 J&J GCO Investigator Rave Training Version 3.0
Principal Investigator:2019-Present Medtronic MDT18014 SODA, Gastrointestinal Disorder2019-Present AbbVie M14-533, Ulcerative Colitis2019-Present AbbVie M14-675, Ulcerative Colitis2019-Present AbbVie M14-234, Ulcerative Colitis2018-Present AbbVie M14-430, Crohn’s Disease2018-Present AbbVie M14-431, Crohn’s Disease2018-Present AbbVie M14-433, Crohn’s Disease2018-Present Eli Lilly I6T-MC-AMAP, Ulcerative Colitis2017-Present Medtronic COVSBCC0549 “BLINK”2017-Present Shire SHP-647-302, Ulcerative Colitis2017-Present Shire SHP-647-303, Ulcerative Colitis2017-Present Shire SHP-647-304, Ulcerative Colitis2016-Present Eli Lilly I6T- MC-AMAC, Ulcerative Colitis2016 Boehringer Ingelheim 1297.4, Crohn’s Disease2016 Prometheus/Nestle 13.06.CLI, Crohn’s Disease2016 Medtronic COVGIC20543 “TOPAZ”, Colon Capsule2016 Allergan D5170C00002, Crohn’s Disease2016 Prometheus 15IBS01, Chronic Diarrhea

2015 Celgene GED-0301-CD-001, Crohn’s Disease

2015 Roche GA29144, Crohn’s Disease

2015 Roche GA29145, Crohn’s Disease OLE

2014 Roche GA29102, Ulcerative Colitis

2014 Roche GA28950, Ulcerative Colitis

2014 Roche GA28951, Ulcerative Colitis OLE

2013 Amgen 20110232, Crohn’s Disease

2013 Amgen 20110166, Ulcerative Colitis

2013 Medtronic MA-209, Crohn’s Disease

2013 Redhill Bio RHB-104-01, Crohn’s Disease

2012 Janssen CNTO1275CRD3001 “UNITI 1”, Crohn’s Disease

2012-2019 Janssen CNTO1275CRD3003 “IMUNITI”, Crohn’s Disease

2012 Janssen CNTO1275CRD3002 “UNITI 2”, Crohn’s Disease

2007 Janssen C0524T18, Ulcerative Colitis

2007 Janssen C0524T16, Ulcerative Colitis

2005 Janssen C0168T67 “SONIC”, Crohn’s Disease

2004 Janssen C0379T07, Crohn’s Disease


2020-Present Allakos AK002-014, Eosinophilic Esophagitis

2020-Present Allakos AK002-016, Eosinophilic Gastritis and/or Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis

2020-Present Allakos AK002-019, Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases

2020-Present Adare SP-1011-003, Eosinophilic Esophagitis

2018-2019 Enanta EDP305-101, NASH

2018-2020 Shire SHP621-302, Eosinophilic Esophagitis

2018-2020 Shire SHP621-301, Eosinophilic Esophagitis

2017-2019 Pfizer C1171002, NASH

2016-2019 Novartis CLJN452A2202, Liver Disease

2016 SERES-101, Ulcerative Colitis

2014 Alvine ALV003-1221, Celiac Disease

2014 Vibrant 179CLD, Constipation

2013 Allergan D5170C00001, Crohn’s Disease

2012 Braintree BLI800-440, Bowel Cleansing Treatments

2011 Coronado CNDO 201-003, Crohn’s Disease

2011 Coronado CNDO 201-002, Crohn’s Disease

2008 Inflabloc CL-C002-00, Crohn’s Disease

2003 Facet Biotech DAC-1008, Ulcerative Colitis

2004 Biogen AN100226-CD301, Crohn’s Disease

2005 Biogen ELN100226-CD351, Crohn’s Disease

2004 Biogen AN100226-CD303, Crohn’s Disease

2003 Biogen ELN100226-CD306, Crohn’s Disease

2005 Infabloc Pharmaceuticals CL-C002-00, Crohn’s Disease

2003 Ionis Pharmaceuticals ISIS 2302-CS20, Crohn’s Disease

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